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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Record Search update for Guatemala and Australia

As of January 23, 2010, FamilySearch's Record Search has published the Guatemala Civil Registrations. The collection is described as follows:
Guatemala established the civil registry on September 9, 1877, and set the regulations of the institution. With the civil code of 1933, the same regulations were kept with a few modifications. With the civil code of 1964 and decree number 106, a few amendments were made which set the civil registration as it currently exists. The entire population must be registered at birth; there is a registration office in each municipality. The first records were handwritten in narrative style. Later ones were created in formatted records. The civil registry registers all the principal events in the life of the people of Guatemala, from their birth to their death. A unique code is assigned to each citizen at the time of the birth registration. This code includes the department and municipality codes of the place where the person was born. These codes are determined by the board of directors of the National Registry of the People (RENAPRegistro Nacional de las Personas). Most of the records are in relatively good preservation. However, some of the older registers may have some physical damage, but in general they are in good condition for the extraction of genealogical information.
The second large collection added is cemetery inscriptions from the Australia, Sydney Branch Genealogical Library from 1800 to 1960. This is an indexed collection with images of the original index cards.


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