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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FamilySearch Record Search more than doubles the number of collections

In a little heralded and unannounced move, FamilySearch has added more than double the number of records to its Record Search Database. The number of collections went from 163 to 341 today, 27 April 2010. The list is incredible. Some of the countries that have new records have never had an online presence previously, such as Uruguay, India, Samoa, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Grenada, El Salvador, Ecuador, Austria, Belgium, The Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Isle of Mann, Portugal and the Ukraine. I may have missed some. But wait, that is not all, dozens of the other record collections have been added to or supplemented. The list is too long to reproduce in its entirety, but there is something for everyone.

With this significant addition, Record Search moves from being an interesting site, to being one of the first places you should look for free online records. This is a must see! We heard a rumor that there would be a significant change on Record Search today and I guess the rumor was correct. I have been watching the site all day and the new collections came online sometime while I was out of town today.

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