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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog post from iPad

The question is whether the iPad is just a fancy toy or could be used as a production device. First of all, the compose screen in Blogspot doesn't work, probably because of the absence of Adobe Flash. Apple and Adobe are pretty much at odds over the Flash issue. Flash is used in a lot of online programs, such as New FamilySearch and Record Search. whatever the reason there seems to be a few impediments to using the iPad for online production. I am only able to enter the text of this post because I am using the Edit HTML mode. This means that everything I write has to be entered literally, not using the formatting buttons.

I guess that my conclusion is, that you can do it but you wouldn't want to do it for long unless you had no other choice. The keyboard is on screen. It has a very light touch, but if you got used to it you could probably type fairly fast. One advantage is that I can sit and watch America the Story of Us and type at the same time.

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