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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Part of the New FamilySearch software problem solved

With a lot of help from Luc Comeau at Millenia with Legacy Family Tree, I finally got the program up and running with New FamilySearch. I will work on RootsMagic next, but I think it is the same problem. Basic to the problem is the fact that I am working on an iMac running a program called Parallels Desktop. The iMac is a fabulously fast machine and the only reason I can even begin to keep up with all my photos and scans, but that is another story. Parallels Desk Top runs really well except for the fact that it is more than slightly complicated. I would not particularly recommend it to anyone that can't keep two different operating systems separate in their mind at all times. When you are in the Apple OS portion of the software, all the Mac commands function, in a split second you can be into a Windows 7 program and have an entirely different set of commands.

Oh, I didn't mention that I am running Windows 7 on the PC virtual machine portion of the iMac. I already am aware of several software problems with Windows 7, where the programs lose the file structure and then will not find their data files or whatever. Well, the Legacy Family Tree problem turned out to be a combination of all of those problems. I had my data files in a folder on the iMac side of the computer and they weren't properly updated by the program when I loaded in the new version. I assume this will be a reoccurring problem. So a word to the wise. If you really want to do genealogy on an iMac, think about getting a good compatible program instead of trying to do what I am doing. However, if you are of a technical bent, you can probably figure out all the problems and then you have the best of both worlds.

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