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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DNA Tests for Genealogy from MyHeritage

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View the new DNA tests on MyHeritage

We'd like to add that our offering of DNA tests is proving to be a huge success. A large number of MyHeritage users have already purchased the DNA tests and are on their way to making new discoveries and connections.

Already tested before?
We received feedback from some of our users, that they have already tested their DNA for genealogy. Most of them have done Y-DNA or mtDNA tests that find connections via the direct paternal or direct maternal ancestry lines. For those users and for users new to genetic genealogy, we strongly recommend the Family Finder DNA test. It is based on autosomal DNA which is the next revolution in genetic genealogy. Family Finder tests 700,000 locations in the DNA, not a few dozen. Family Finder can find people related to you through any shared ancestor, within the last 5 generations, and this test comes at a one-time cost with no subscription fees even though you will continue to receive DNA matches for free for many years to come as more people have their DNA tested.

Huge coverage
Our partner Family Tree DNA has tested more people than any other company (with more than 360,000 records in their database) so when you buy a DNA test from MyHeritage, you not only get the best prices, but also enjoy the best chances of receiving matches and discovering relatives.

DNA testing is one of the most exciting technologies available for genealogy today, and we are pleased to offer our users the best DNA tests at the very best prices. Don't miss this opportunity. Check out your options at the new DNA testing service on MyHeritage, and review our detailed DNA FAQ.


  1. Child DNA Testing has been a revolution since long.In a way it is one of the best way for detection of missed or stolen kids. When ever wanted.