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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Find a Treasure Trove in Australia

A recent post by my friend Jill Ball on her blog Geniaus, who is attending the 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry in Adelaide, South Australia, posted a link to a real gem of a website called Trove.  I agree heartily with Jill, this is a great website. I had the good fortune to get to know Jill a little better at RootsTech 2012. My interest in not just academic. I have family roots in Australia and have relatives there.

Before I say anything about Trove, I have some observations about the Congress. It is very evident from Jill's photos and commentary that the Australians take their genealogy a lot more seriously than we do here in the U.S. Right off, there seems to be a significant level of participation from governmental agencies, I find missing at the conferences out here in the western part of the U.S. I do note that we have that kind of participation at the National Genealogical Society Conference so I guess I have been missing the boat by not going to the national conferences. I note the NGS Conference is being held at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on 9–12 May 2012. One major consideration for me, of course, is the expense. It is about 1,800 miles to Cincinnati, Ohio and I would have to fly rather than drive my Prius.

Back to Trove. This site is sponsored by the National Library of Australia and from looking at Trove and at the National Library of Australia website, I am reminded that sometimes I feel like the United States is regressing technologically into a third-world country. We certainly do not have some of the progressive and innovative things I see in places like Australia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and other places. Trove is only part of the National Library website, but it will certainly make you ask the question as to why we don't have something like this in the U.S.

A search on Trove on any subject brings up responses categorized by media type. You have to try this out to see what I mean. I immediately found a book about my ancestor James Parkinson,
Parkinson, Diane, and John Parkinson. James Parkinson of Ramsey: His Roots and His Branches : England, Australia, America : a Biographical History and Genealogical Record of the Family of James and Elizabeth Chattle Parkinson. Austin, Tex: Published for the James Parkinson Family Association by Historical Publications, 1987. 
Sometimes we have to break out of our traditional thought patterns and start looking across the oceans. 

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  1. You are quite right James. trove is a goldmine for family history in Australia. Because news stories were carried from around the world as well as round the there's a possibility something interesting may be there for overseas researchers.