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Thursday, November 27, 2008

LDS Resources on Wiki FamilySearch

Many family history researchers are familiar with the LDS Church's publications. Some of the most useful are the locality research papers, commonly known as research outlines. There are dozens of these publications available. (See ) What is not generally known is that all of the information in these outlines, including all of the "How to..." and Research Forms are also available in two other locations. has a new tab on the portal page for Research Helps. This tab takes you to a catalog list of all of the publications, most of which are in PDF format. See

All of these research publications have also been incorporated into the FamilySearch Wiki. See

The Wiki format gives the researcher a distinct advantage, all of the information is fully searchable. Each topic has an extended table of contents, for example here is the listing for the United States Vital Records:


This research information can get you started on where to look for information or if you already have the experience, give a pleasant reminder of where to look.

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