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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FamilySeach -- which Wiki is which?

As of August 4, 2010, FamilySearch has two websites, one at the traditional URL and another Beta site at The Beta site does not cause any confusion, in and of itself, but there are two FamilySearch Wiki sites also. One is the regular site with some recent updated changes. The other site, the Beta FamilySearch Wiki website, is a little more obscure and shows up when you make a search into FamilySearch's Record Search Pilot and get additional information about a collection. This Wiki FamilySearch Beta site is

The difference between the two Wiki sites seems to be limited to a comment on the Beta site:
Newsflash! A new facelift will appear on the Wiki by 8 am (EST) Friday, July 30. We hope you like the new look! Please post comments and questions in the forums. Q & A's
There is a link to Q & A's but the link has a statement that "there is currently no text on this page." So, apparently, there are two different Wiki sites out there, one is linked to the old page through the Record Search Pilot and the other is indirectly linked through the Beta FamilySearch website. If this sounds confusing, it is, very confusing.

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