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Monday, May 7, 2012

More on Poindexter

Thanks to Enduring Legacy Genealogy for some additional insights into the unannounced and barely visible FamilySearch Poindexter (or whatever) program. It looks like the program dates all the way back to 6 April 2012 because Michael W. McCormick evidently does what I need to do more of, that is, click on stuff to see what is going on. Mr. McCormick clicked on the link called "Fresh" and got some more information which he shared in a blog post entitled, "Kinfolio | A Mysterious FamilySearch Project."

Mr. McCormick's speculations about the relationship between a new display program and Family Tree are likely on target. I am wondering if this is the vehicle for sharing scanned images and documentation? If so, there should be some kind of link between the Poindexter program and Family Tree. There was an earlier page for this program using the name Kinfolio.

Well, what happens is that once you have the magic word, "Kinfolio", you find out that the program has been under discussion for some time. Here is an article in the Salt Lake newspaper, The Deseret News, dated 28 February 2012 called "New and upcoming around the Bloggernacle." In that article, Emily Jensen of the Deseret News says:
Do your eyes glaze over when you hear about genealogy? Or perhaps not even that, but you feel intimidated about even knowing where to begin? Well let me be the first to tell you about Kinfolio a free service from that I got the privilege of touring.
And while it is still in preview stage, I can tell you I like what I saw. It uses a “book” interface to help users easily organize, store and find their genealogy information. It is very clean and user-friendly, and utilizes many social media tools (like Facebook, Flickr, blogs, etc.) to upload information into these personalized books. The books saved on the site remind me of online versions of “blog books” that are popular to order online scrapbooking programs. Sound cool? It is. Watch this column for more information as Kinfolio gets closer to release.
Looks like I missed that mention, but then again I am not much of a follower of the Bloggernacle. Here's another blog post discussing the new program from Mike Henneke in his blog post on History in the Making, "Kinfolio, Preserve Stories." Apparently, I am a late comer to this party.

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