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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BillionGraves acquired by Otter Creek Holdings

In an announcement dated January 4, 2013, stated that it had been acquired by Otter Creek Holdings, which is a working strategic partner with American Granite and Memorials, Inc. and American Monument (based in Ogden, Utah). BillionGraves emphasized:
BillionGraves will ALWAYS be a free service. Our primary goal is and will always be to make records found in cemeteries readily available to people everywhere. We will ensure this by leaving both our website AND mobile app free of charge.
 BillionGraves is a relative newcomer compared to the rapidly growing website. Currently states that they have over 92 million grave records. BillionGraves does not have such a claim on their website, but on, BillionGraves has nearly 2.5 million entries listed in the Index. Both of these resources are extremely valuable for genealogical research.

BillionGraves states that:
We are improving our partnership with FamilySearch. Our developers are improving automated methods of connecting BillionGraves records to those at FamilySearch. Very soon, users will have the ability to look up a person on FamilySearch and see the BillionGraves records attached to that person. This will include the reverse as well: users will be able to link BillionGraves records to people found in FamilySearch.
My family has been doing a project at the Mesa (Arizona) City Cemetery for my Grandson's Eagle project. So far, they have photographed more than 18,000 graves. The quality of the photos from smartphones and iPads is surprisingly good and they are now organizing a transcription effort.

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  1. James, a terrific post on your blog and now I am hooked on your blog. As the founder of Otter Creek Holdings, when I had the opportunity to bring three genealogy companies together (BillionGraves, MyLegacyMemorials and Legacy Mobile), I knew the "star's were lined up" for them as a group vs. how they were stand alone before. BillionGraves is very dear to me because of the inherited passion I have to know my ancestors better and to assure generations to follow will too. I wanted to reach out to you about the Eagle Scout Project your family is doing. I treasure scouting and because of that, if you go to my facebook (Devin R. Taylor) you will see an example of a stunning granite plaque we give to every Eagle Scout that uses BillionGraves for an Eagle Scout Project provided they upload over 10,000 photos for their project. I hope you will get your 18,000 images uploaded for your grandson as I would love to send him this plaque. Thanks again James and feel free to contact me any time. SCOUT ON!