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Saturday, July 8, 2017

AncestorCloud rebrands as Trace and acquires

I received an email from my friend Wesley Eames who started AncestorCloud in 2015 that they were rebranding the company as "Trace" and had acquired They will be closing down AncestorCloud and moving their services to claims the title of the world's largest family history research firm with over 4000 professional genealogists worldwide.

Here are some more of the details of the changes from a news release dated July 7, 2017.
AncestorCloud rebrands to Trace and announces the acquisition of 
Trace adds additional genealogy expertise to its technology products and services. 
July 7, 2017 (Provo, Utah) - Trace, a technology company making family history more accessible, announced the acquisition of, the world’s largest family history research firm. has developed a network of thousands of expert researchers worldwide who perform genealogical projects for the lowest price and highest quality. The addition of will increase Trace’s network of professional researchers to over 4,000, bringing unmatched expertise to Trace’s products and services. 
Trace is the new brand for AncestorCloud, a company which started by offering cloud storage and sharing for genealogy documents and evolved into a marketplace to buy and sell genealogy services at an affordable price. The rebrand allows the company to expand into new businesses and have a company identity more in line with the value offered. The marketplace technology that exists on will be moved to to further scale the business. 
Trace will continue to provide clients with custom research services while accelerating its technological capabilities and providing the business with expertise in marketing, sales, customer experience, and investor relations. “Trace will be the innovative catalyst needed to sustain phenomenal growth in the U.S. and overseas,” says James Heddell,’s founder. 
Wesley Eames, Trace CEO, explains “With an ever-increasing global interest in family discovery, the demand for custom researching grows annually. We’re confident this acquisition will help us make family history an easy, affordable, and quality experience. Genealogists and non-genealogists alike are seeking this information.” 
The acquisition was completed on April 7, 2017, growing the number of employees and contractors from six in February to seventeen today. James Heddell has been named Head of Research for Trace, and will continue to manage operations for team members will remain in their current locations across the United States and Canada. Trace will keep its headquarters in Provo, Utah. 
About TraceStarted in 2014 by Wesley Eames, Trace (formerly AncestorCloud) is a technology company making family history more accessible. To date, Trace has developed a cloud storage and sharing solution for genealogy records, built a marketplace for finding affordable genealogy services, and created a packaged research product featuring a custom heirloom book. With this acquisition, Trace will bring
new technological capabilities to the custom research market. 
About Genealogists.comStarted in 2012 by James Heddell, has created the world’s largest network of professional genealogists, including hundreds of DNA experts, forensic genealogists/scientists, private investigators, historians, religious scholars, clergy, and university professors. With researchers located onsite throughout the world, provides its clients with localized experience and unmatched access to records.

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