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Saturday, January 30, 2021

The New MyHeritage Restore Colors feature


One of the constants in a collection of old photos is the fact that many of them fade or change colors over time. This is a chemical process and increases in speed and intensity depending on the exposure of the photo to light. but it will happen even if the photos are kept in the dark. The photo on the left is a scan of the "original" photo. Now, has introduced a feature that allows its users to restore the color of old photos called Restore Colors. You can immediately see the difference this "new" process makes with the photo on the right. 

This new Restore Color process has been added to the Enhance and Colorize features that have been available for some time. Many of us had already noticed that colonizing some color photos would enhance the color and correct some of the fading and color shift but by highlighting this feature, opens up an even greater ability to help preserve all those old fading photos that many people actually throw away. 

Here is another photo. Although the changes are not dramatic in this particular photo, they certainly preserve the photo in a way that makes it come alive. 

If I also enhance the photo on here is what it looks like. 

If you think about this, you will realize that these three features, Colorize, Restore Color, and Enhance are probably worth the entire cost of the program if you happen to have tens of thousands of photos such as I do. 

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