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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Watch for my video presentation at RootsTech 2022 Virtual

Once the RootsTech 2022 website goes live, you will be able to see the list of presentations and videos for this year's event. If you are registered, you will also be able to build a personal play list of the classes and videos you want to see. Unlike the in-person conference, the classes don't fill up and you have the rest of the year into next year to watch it anyway. 

My video on the Great Migration was accepted and if you are interested, you can add it to your play list. Once the website is live, you can also search for presenters by name. The Conference is scheduled to open on March 3rd but the new website should be up sometime before that. You might want to register now and start checking the website to see when it goes live. My video will also have a syllabus and a long handout. 

Here is the link to register.

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