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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

MyHeritage's Big Year


The statistics on this infographic are overwhelming, especially adding 2.5 billion historical records. It is also interesting to see that my wife and I are still shown with the animated photos. Anonymous popularity is somewhat of a halmark of genealogy. There is no doubt that almost all of the innovation and increase in basic genealogical tools such as more indexed original records is taking place due to ended 2022 with more than 106 million users worldwide in 42 different languages, 90 million family trees, 18,916,419,826 historical records, and 6.3 people in its DNA database. 

The resources on the website are tremendously useful and some, such as the photo innovations are virally entertaining. For example, one of my friends used the AI Time Machine™ to do a series of activities for all of her grandchildren. 

I am looking forward to all of the new opportunities that we can expect from MyHeritage in 2023. 

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