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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Reimagine, An Innovative Photo Mobile App by MyHeritage

 For a full explanation of this remarkable app, see the MyHeritage Blog, "Introducing Reimagine: An Innovative Photo App by MyHeritage." Here is a video that explains the app.

I have it on my iPhone and started with taking a photo of a page of images in a photo scrapbook. It easily separated the photos into individual images and saved each image to my Apple Photos app. I also saved a copy to my photos on Very slick and easy to use. Down near the end of the long article it does say the following:

Anyone can scan a limited number of album pages for free, to experience the power of the photo scanner. Improving a limited number of photos using the photo features is also free. Beyond that, scanning and improving an unlimited number of photos requires a subscription.

A yearly Reimagine subscription costs only $49.99 (or equivalent in local currency) and begins with a 7-day free trial, so users can experience the app before they commit. A monthly subscription costs $7.99/month and does not come with a free trial. Both plans include unlimited use of all Reimagine features.

Users with a MyHeritage Complete plan can colorize, enhance, animate, and repair unlimited photos on Reimagine, and enjoy unlimited photo storage. Scanning full album pages is a new feature that is unique to the Reimagine app, so to scan an unlimited number of photos, a subscription to Reimagine is required even for Complete subscribers. For an introductory period, we’re offering Complete subscribers a discount of 25% off the Reimagine annual plan.

If you have a number of photo albums or scrapbooks, like I have, this app can pay for itself in time saved. coupled with the online MyHeritage website expanded tagging feature, the app could pay for itself in saved time. 

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