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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The FHCWiki

In a recent announcement, Ohana Software, introduced its Wiki dedicated to serving the needs of Family History Centers. It appears that the Wiki is in a bare bones format, but has the potential to be of assistance to the vast network of Family History Centers scattered throughout the world. There are presently more than 4,500 centers worldwide. The Centers are staffed by volunteers who provide research help, training classes and access to the microfilm and microfiche resources of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The new FHCWiki will provide a place to go to find more extensive information about Family History Centers, not always easily obtainable in the past. In just a brief look at the few links already available, it is clear that there is already a lot of useful information.


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  2. I have your blog RSS feed on my home page which is a "My Yahoo" home page. That way, as soon as the Internet connection shows up, I know I can depend on Genealogy Star for the news at the FHL and FamilySearch, etc.