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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New FamilySearch -- Down to the last two Temple Districts

With the Jordan River Temple District gaining full access to New FamilySearch by November 9, 2009, there are only two more Temple Districts left until the introduction process is complete in all of the Temple Districts in the United States. There may still be areas where the program will still have to be developed in non-Roman alphabet languages, like Chinese, but it looks like the introduction is essentially over for the time being. The last two Temple Districts, still waiting for an introduction date, are the Salt Lake Temple and Oquirrh Mountain Temple Districts.

The last announced upgrade to the program was in August of 2009. Since that time, it is notable that there have been changes and adjustments to the program, especially with the ordinance reserving and Family Ordinance Request printing process, but none of these changes have been officially announced. Some of the changes make a significant impact on the issue of duplication of ordinance work, although it remains to be seen if the efforts will have a practical effect in dissuading people from entering duplicate information and re-doing the Temple ordinances.

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