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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hundreds of thousands of new records online

With the winding down of the introduction of New FamilySearch to U.S. Temple Districts, FamilySearch has apparently turned some of its resources towards increasing the number of records available on Record Search. An announcement on November 23, 2009 indicates that Record Search has just added over 250,000 images to the Brazil Catholic Church Records collection. Here is a description of the records from the FamilySearch Wiki:
The Catholic Church parish records are an excellent source for genealogical research in Brazil. These may also be the only available records before the implementation of the civil registration in about 1888. These records may include other family information that will help in the research for other generations. In order to find an entry in this collection it is necessary to know first the place where the ancestors lived, a year, and his/her name.
Record Search also published the Brazil, Sao Paulo Burial Registry which covers the burial records from the municipality of Sao Paulo for the years 1870 to 1984. Other recently released records include the 1885 Minnesota State Census, the Mexico, Distrito Federal, Catholic Church Records from 1886 to 1933, and Massachusetts Marriage Records from 1842 to 1915.

Watching these records be put online is sort of like standing out in the rain waiting to be hit by lightning. You never know when the records you need might show up.

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