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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Google+ remains pretty strange

I have noticed in past posts that Google+ seems to be focused completely on genealogy as far as the people in my circles are concerned. I am not only surprised at the vast number of genealogists who are on Google+, I equally amazed at how few of my other acquaintances are even aware that it exists. Not even my very computer oriented family members are on Google+. I find that utterly strange. Why has Google+ apparently hit a chord with genealogists and not any of the other people I have on Facebook for example? Any thoughts? I am mystified.


  1. I have noticed the same thing. I have broadened my google + experience by meeting some photographers and artists here that I did not know before.

  2. I asked a few of my family members who are very involved in social media. They told me that they just didn't want one more place to have to check into, that they were satisfied with their contacts in other venues and just saw the whole thing as redundant.

  3. It's because until recently you couldn't play Farmville (or its equivalent) on Google+.

    Also it is still hard to share news stories on Google+. For example you can "Recommend" on Facebook a story on CNN with a single click. But you can't even find a button for Google+. On many sites you see buttons for Facebook, Twitter and maybe one or two others, but generally not Google+. When Google+ buttons start appearing on news sites then you may get more people (non-genealogists) using Google+.

  4. I think it's because genealogists and other family history enthusiasts already knew that while mildly interested, your family doesn't want to be inundated with all your genealogy news. So I think it was Google+ circles that first drew us so that, like life, we can choose our audience. Also, I think the hanging out is also something to which genealogists/family historians naturally gravitated.

  5. I also have a big Geology/Science circle, and a large Nature/Bird Photography circle, plus a smallish Philosophy-type circle. G+ seems to be particularly helpful/useful/fun for professionals of various types. Genealogy-historians and the like, are very friendly and helpful on G+, and I like being able to skim down the many interesting ones I have in my circle. As for news stories - really, I don't want to ever see news on comments unless it's from an obscure source - if it's really news, someone will tell me! Facebook seems to me to be a gossipynews place, with a few exceptions so I use it now just for friends and family.

  6. It seems to me that Facebook devotees have so much of their lives invested in FB that they don't want to swap over, nor do they see a need to. For me, the reasons are the exact opposite and I love have different circles.