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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sync your Google+ profile with your Blogger profile?

OK, so Google has now integrated their Google+ social networking site with Blogger. If you decided to do so, your Google+ profile replaces your Blogger Profile and your blog or blogs, as the case may be, appear linked to your Google+ Profile. And so what? Well that is a very good question. Other than some sort of consolidation, the advantage to the user is entirely unclear. I guess it keeps you from having to update two profiles, but that was never much of an issue for me anyway. Actually, according to the word on the street, Google plans to rebrand its photo-sharing platform Picasa and the blogging platform Blogger and will re-introduce them as Google Photos and Google Blogs. All this forms part of a massive feature addition to Google's new social network, Google+." So apparently, whether you think this is a good idea or not, if the process continues as outlined, you will likely be consolidating whether you think it is a good idea or not.

You might have noticed that Google+ has a new menu showing some of the Google products in a pop-up, pull-down menu. I assume this means that Google+ is intended as the gateway or maybe a gateway into the Google world.

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  1. By using your Google+ profile you can now directly share posts from Blogger to Google+.