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Monday, April 9, 2012

All good things must end

I spent the last few days trying to resurrect one of our Macintosh computers. It is an older Duo 2 Core iMac and it has metaphorically bitten the dust. As the song by Metcalfe, Noble and Stuart and as sung by Chad and Jeremy says,
They say that all good things must end some day
Autumn leaves must fall
Well, Autumn is a long time and over 115 degrees away here in Mesa. As we always say, technology is wonderful as long as it works. The irony was that I spent about an hour this afternoon explaining to another Mac user that you really can do genealogy on a Macintosh computer. I have one more option before the poor machine is put out of its misery, wiping the hard drive and entirely reinstalling all of the software and data. In the past, when we reach this juncture, I usually opt to buy a new computer.

Fortunately, we have an iPad, an iPad 2, 2 other Macs and 2 more PCs in the same room, so all we really have to do is move about two feet and start typing. We believe in backing up our computers as well as our data. Oh I forgot to mention the iPod Touch and the iPhone 4S. Don't worry, I will keep typing away and using up bit space.

But what about doing genealogy on a Mac? I have been exclusively using my Macintosh computers for genealogy now for over a year and have no regrets about dumping my old PCs. I do cheat and use Parallels Desktop but that is just for programs that don't yet have Macintosh versions.

Well, I had better get back to work writing. Right now I am doing another post for FamilySearch TechTips and will have a post here of substance sometime earlier than later tomorrow. Assuming, of course, that something else doesn't break down and I don't have to spend the day trying to fix another necessary computer.

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