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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You hardly have time to turn around and there it is...

FamilyHistory Expos is featuring Mark Olsen of at both the Houston and Albuquerque Family History Expos. was the first website to publish the entire collection of 1940 U.S. Census images. They have already started indexing the images and have indexes already online. will continue to publish the indexes as they are completed. Quoting from the MyHeritage Blog:
We’re proud to announce that MyHeritage is the first commercial site to have all the 1940 US Census images available for searching for free! Please let us know what you find on
Now that we’ve completed the images, we’re continuing with the indexing. Yesterday, the first indexed records were made available – Bristol County, Rhode Island. The index is searchable by names, facts and other criteria, all for free!
MyHeritage is also the only provider to make the 1940 US census searchable in 38 languages, enabling family history lovers from around the world to discover more about the lives of their American relatives.
We will also enable a search of the 1940 US Census on-the-go with a new version of the MyHeritage Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android, coming soon.

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  1. MyHeritage was careful in their press release to indicate they were the 'first commercial site.' When you drop the 'commercial', it ceases to be accurate. Naturally, the National Archives was first.