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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mystery Photos

What I know about these images is that they were scanned from glass negatives taken by Margaret Godfrey Jarvis Overson in Apache County, Arizona in the early 1900s, likely around 1920. Anyone recognize any of these people?


  1. The middle one is in the Overson book. Let me think who it is. Alice, perhaps? Yep. That's Alice Whiting Overson, Edgar Pratt's wife. It's a different picture, but see page ii: 189 for an almost-identical one. I'll send a note to her family. Could that possibly be Edgar Pratt in the first picture? The glasses are the same as Edgar is wearing in his picture in the book, but the age doesn't look quite right.

  2. The middle one is definitely Alice Whiting. The third, the little girl, looks an awful lot like Barbara, Alice's daughter. For some reason that is what I am thinking, but it looks like it might have been taken a few years before she was born. Perhaps Paul Overson could identify these pictures better.

  3. Good news! I talked to Paul H. Overson (my father-in-law) and he said that the top photo is Frederick Arthur Whiting. He said the bottom photo sort of looks like Barbara Jo, or his other sister, Betty, but when I mentioned that all of the photos have the same back drop and looked to be taken at the same time, he said that it could be Alice's youngest sister, Verna. Paul said that this is a very young photo of his mom, Alice, so likely she would not have had children yet, so he thinks that the third photo must be of Alice's younger sibling. Verna is still living, and she is in Lindon, Utah. Paul sees her on occasion, and maybe he could ask her if she knows - she is not likely to be on the internet. Hope that helps!