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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 now support multilingual profiles, with nearly 80 million profiles, is now supporting multilingual profiles. As explained in an email message to me:

This means you can enter names and biographies in multiple languages, and Geni will store them separately, and display them in your preferred language. The World Family Tree is a global initiative by that shows how everyone in the world is related. 
One of the greatest challenges of building the definitive family tree of the world is accommodating the multitude of languages spoken by our international community. With branches extending all around the globe, Geni profiles are now multilingual and users can enter profile names and biographies separately in any of the 75 languages that are actively used on Geni. 
Now everyone can enjoy this rich content in their native language, without having to scroll through the similar information in foreign languages or see a messy mix of names in various languages on their relatives' profiles. Names can be entered in any language on any profile, and through a clever system of fallbacks, only the best information available will be displayed. We've updated all of Geni's functionality to take advantage of this new feature, including searching, tree matching, family charts, data exports and more. 
This means that if a profile name exists in the language you’ve selected for, you will see that name in your own language. has also designed a sophisticated fallback mechanism for choosing which name to display when a name is not available in your chosen language. For a more extensive explanation of these new features, see "New on Geni: Multilingual Profiles."


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