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Monday, September 22, 2014

Legacy Family Tree to support The Master Genealogist (TMG) Files

Some time ago we got the following notice from Wholly Genes Software:
The Master Genealogist (TMG) has been discontinued. Official technical support will be discontinued on 31 Dec 2014 but user-to-user support will remain available on the Community Forum and TMG-L discussion list, among other online resources
For the time being, the product and updates will remain available in the interest of researchers who want to communicate their data to family members or upgrade to the latest version. It is made available with the understanding that, while there may be additional bug fixes before the end of the year, there will be no more development of new features. 
See the newsletter for more information.
As a follow-up to this announcement, I received a newsletter from Millennia's Legacy Family Tree program as follows:
Legacy Family Tree will soon import files from The Master Genealogist software

Recently Bob Velke, producer of The Master Genealogist software, announced that his software would be discontinued. TMG, as it is known, was one of the first genealogy software programs I personally used before switching to Legacy Family Tree. We wish Bob and family the very best. 
We have been working really hard and are getting close to releasing an update to Legacy that will directly import TMG files (no GEDCOM necessary). We are working hard to make the import to Legacy as seamless as possible to limit the amount of post-import cleanup that may be necessary. If you are a TMG user looking for new software, give our free edition a try at Import your GEDCOM and see what you think of Legacy. We think you will enjoy both the simplicity and the power of Legacy. Then watch for our upcoming announcement of the free update to Legacy we will issue which will provide the direct import.
This is very good news for the former TMG users.


  1. You may have missed the update to RootsMagic last week that added direct TMG imports.

  2. can I generate genealogy reports and charts with Legacy?

    1. Yes, certainly, you might want to visit their website.