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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The State of History Knowledge

From time to time, I have commented on the sad state of history knowledge among the "youth." I really think this extends much further than just college-age or younger. My experience is that people generally have little or no awareness about history. How then can we believe that anyone will be aware of enough of the past to do genealogical research?


  1. That is just sad. Now I will say in their defense some of them may of known the Civil War as the War between the states

  2. I am one of the historically challenged, but I'm trying to fix it. I am a firm believer that more people would know more about history if it were taught differently. I, for one, HATED history in school. Nothing was ever taught so it applied to me, or anyone in my generation. It was a series of names, dates, and places that we were only required to remember until after the final exam.

    So - unless you were born with a LOVE of history (I wasn't) - chances are, once that final test was turned in, *poof* all of that knowledge went bye-bye.

    Now, I will concede that there are SOME things that people ought to just KNOW (general dates for the major wars, etc.), and there really are people out there for whom ignorance really is bliss. All you can do is shrug and hope they aren't procreating.