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Saturday, November 29, 2014

LifeStory and Family History Expos Have Teamed Up!

LifeStory, the developer of the Heritage Collector System and FamilyHistoryExpos have teamed up. Here is is the content of the announcement from Holly Hansen at FamilyHistoryExpos:
We have worked with LifeStory for many years. They are exhibitors at many of our Expos and Retreats. We love their Heritage Collector System. If you do not already own “The Heritage Collector System” today is the day to download and try the Free Standard Version. 
Marlo and Holly have been working together for years with webinars, classes, and training that assists family history enthusiasts to share the results of the research with family and friends, especially youth! Sharing it in a fun, organized, and colorful way that entertains and educates those with whom you are sharing. 
Today, The Standard Heritage Collector, is available only through Family History Expos. This is a unique offer we have worked years to bring to you. 
You will have fun making and sharing personalized slide shows, storybook pages, calendars, GPS maps and more. You can use your smart phone, tablet, camera, scanner and external hard drives. 
Access “How To” movies, step-by-step instructions and newsletters that provide new ideas and help you need to successfully complete your projects. 
Download your free version today and join us for an upcoming webinar designed to assist you with all the program features that help you organize, find, share, and preserve your photos and other information in a graphical context.
What is Heritage Collector?
Your H E R I T A G E . . is a collection of photos, stories and videos that starts today and reaches back into your family history. Now you know why our software is called Heritage Collector. It will help you find new and interesting ways to share your heritage with your children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and relatives.

Holly's Special is 10% Discount  on anything you order from LifeStory Productions Inc., the makers of Heritage Collector Standard. This is a limited time discount!

FamilyHistoryExpos has been conducting Expos across the United States for over ten years. Recently, the company has focused on Research Retreats, smaller organized groups who undergo a few days to a week of intense research training. To see the list of the upcoming Research Retreats, see Expos

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