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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More free (or not) Swedish sites for genealogy

Thanks to a comment to my recent post about Swedish Websites, I note that there are more extensive Swedish sites with online digital resources. The first of these is the Swedish Archives. To quote, "The National Archives (Riksarkivet) is one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, its history leading back to the Middle Ages. In the 17th century, Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna created a new organization for the record-keeping and the National Archives came into being. Today, the National Archives has the supervision of all public records of the agencies of the central Government, while it delegates to the regional archives the supervision of records generated by regional and local authorities. The Military Archives and SVAR (Svensk Arkivinformation) are parts of the National Archives." The Website is only partially in English, so you need a lot of Swedish (or Google Translate or the equivalent) to get around on the site. Click here for a long explanation of their holdings. Some of their online offerings are free but there is a charge to view all of the resources. The Swedish Archive Information (SVAR) has the Swedish Census, Church records, tax records and more.

Another mostly subscription Website is the Arkiv Digital. To quote, "Arkiv Digital is a rapidly growing company in the genealogy area that specializes in digitalizing Swedish historical records by taking new photo images of original documents in color. This enormous undertaking has never been implemented by Swedish interests before, and we are very proud to deliver those new color images in our genealogy service AD OnLine!"

Check out the Wisconsin Historical Society's Website
on Swedish Genealogy. Search Indiko for "70 parishes registered by the Demographic Data Base will be retrievable in Indiko. The material contains approximately 800,000 individuals. Included are parishes from the Skellefteå region, the Sundsvall region, and the Linköping region (6 linked and 36 unlinked parishes) as well as six single parishes."

Another major Swedish Website is Slaktdata, a non-profit organizationd dedicated to making indexed Church books available free online. The site is in Swedish and except for Google Translate, you really do need to know some Swedish.

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