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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington State's Digital Archives Project a model for other states

Despite the economic difficulties and their impact on various state libraries and archives, there is one very bright spot, the State of Washington. A recent blog of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, once again called my attention to this huge online resource. The main Washington State Archives Website has access to the Digital Archives site with an amazing 83,887,328 total records with 66,904,296 searchable online. The online records include the following collections,
My own state of Arizona, has some of historical birth and death certificates online, but that is about it. There are a few other online indexes and a very limited Arizona Biographical database. Even access to the State Library has been curtailed due to a chaotic budget situation.

Let's hope that other states see the importance of making their records readily available to the public and especially to genealogists.

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