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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Genealogy's Star among’s Top 100 Genealogy Sites

I have been having an interesting conversation with the representatives of As you can see from the badge, Genealogy's Star was selected among the top 100 genealogy sites in the world. If you were to go back in my archives, you would find that I have been pretty critical of in the past. Interestingly, they asked me in advance if I would display a badge on my blog. Because of my past negative experience, I hesitated for about a month before accepting. The main reason I accepted was that despite some negative aspects, their support and response to problems or criticism is fabulous. After searching the web for comments, I found that in almost every case where a customer or potential customer expressed dissatisfaction, immediately responded, at length, with a logical and reasoned explanation.

You may not agree with all of their policies, but you have to admit that global support at that level is very rare these days. Here is their comment about how they selected the top 100:
As mentioned here, recently at we've been scanning the web, evaluating content, and identifying some of the best genealogy sites on the internet right now. We put a focus on finding hidden gems in the community, so there's a good chance that some of these are sites you won't have seen before. It's a testament to the vibrancy of the online genealogy community that even this selection of 100 sites had to leave out a lot of quality content. Nevertheless, these are the 100 we came up with, presented in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy reading them!
Interestingly, on another note, in the middle of writing this post, Google updated the Blogger program and all the menu items and selections changed. Time marches on and so does Google.


  1. Congratulations! And I agree with you about My Heritage - they have been very responsive to the community and are seeking a more global reach in terms of genealogy and family history.

  2. Congratulations again.
    We do appreciate everyones critique and we're out there gathering as much of it as we can get our hands around. Through your comments, recommendations and complaints it helps us create a product that is better for everyone.

    We hope the blog awards help develop and foster more familiarity and closeness for a genealogy, a science that places much importance on the help of others. In that regard it is particularly wonderful to send our gratitude to those who spend so much time developing and sharing their passion.

    You deserve it and keep up the outstanding work!

  3. I also recieved a nice email about two weeks ago from a Mr. Robert Barham at MyHeritage asking me to accept the award in advance. Several other bloggers were pleasantly surprised. It gave me the chance to look at the MyHeritage website, because I was not at familiar with MyHeritage. Congratulations Mr. Tanner, and to all the other honored bloggers.