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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Name, Old Site, FamilySearch TechTips Officially begins

Here is a press release we got today from FamilySearch:

New Website Brings Together Genealogy and Technology


Genealogy has been a popular hobby for over a century, but the pursuit of one’s ancestors is now a decidedly technology-intensive endeavor. To help family historians take advantage of the latest technology, FamilySearch has launched a new section on its website called FamilySearch TechTips.

The goal of TechTips is to continue building a bridge between the developing worlds of technology and genealogy, according to FamilySearch product marketing manager Jim Ericson.

“For someone who is already excited about family history, FamilySearch TechTips can introduce them to technologies that will help them climb their family tree,” Ericson said. “Those who may not be familiar with genealogy, but are technology enthusiasts, can learn how products can be applied to family history.”

Ericson said visitors to FamilySearch TechTips can read about a variety of subjects, such as how to store photographs for the long term, what mobile applications are available for family historians, how to share files and how to scan images. The site also contains step-by-step guides to help users accomplish a technology-related task, like how to join an online research community and why.

FamilySearch TechTips is a community effort that is a cross between a blog and an online technology magazine. Anyone can contribute articles and share their personal experiences. The TechTips articles don’t endorse specific products, although they may mention what is available in the marketplace. There will also be content on new technology or trends that impact the world of genealogy.

“People can learn where genealogy technology is headed and how technology may evolve in the future to make life easier for family historians,” Ericson said.

Here's a link:

I might mention that I am a significant contributor to this newer site. Please take time to take a look.

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