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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

News from FamilySearch Family Tree?

I have never claimed to be a FamilySearch insider. If I do learn some information from or from people at FamilySearch, I usually only pass it on when the information is verified and obviously public. But I do watch the blogs and if someone else has information that I do not have, I try to include it here in this blog. 

Larry Gragun is evidently in Salt Lake City, Utah, while I languish away here in sunny Mesa, Arizona. He posted a summary of a meeting with the FamilySearch Family Tree project manager, where he said the following:
Printing features: Pedigree charts, Family Group Sheets, and Fan Charts are probably a couple of weeks away.
Those who input sources into need not fear - those sources will be moved to Family Tree.
Unfortunately, FamilySearch does not have a very good record of meeting its own deadlines.  But it is interesting to see where the program is going. I suggest reading Larry's entire post. I don't make any predictions about when features will be added to Family Tree.

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