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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The last thing I need is a smartwatch

My computer talks to me. No, I am not going any crazier than I already am. My computer literally talks to me. If I forget to turn the sound down on my computer, the Apple operating system will read error messages and system messages in very loud voice. I remember a Nisan car one of my friends owned that had a voice that told you if a door was left open. I thought that pretty annoying at the time and I am glad all my car does is beep at me if I have left the lights on or fail to fasten my seat belt. I can't imagine the annoyance of have a watch that talks to me.

Why is this even a question? Apple is rumored to be developing a "smartwatch" and of course, the first thing they talk about is having Siri, Apple's talking computer system, on your wrist. Not in this lifetime. First of all, Siri doesn't work for me. I have enough trouble trying to communicate with people, without having some half-wit computer operating system to argue with. I already spend an inordinately large amount of time just fussing with computer operating systems, programs that won't load, bugs in programs, crashing computers, and on and on and on, without adding another level of frustrating Dick Tracy kind of annoyance.

In addition, if they shrink the controls for the computer down to the point that they fit in a watch, I will not be able to see them or use my fat, clumsy fingers to push some virtual buttons on a screen I cannot see.

I am already saturated with computers; desktop, laptop and pocket-sized, as it is. I used to try to remember to carry my computer with me, now I consciously try to remember not to bring my computer or computers with me. It is time to define the limits of when and where computers are welcome in our lives, our culture and our society. How about computer free days? Days when we look at the trees outside and forget electronics for a time? I know, I am the last person to pine away for such an idyllic world, but, hey, I too can dream.

No, I will not be buying any more intrusive, annoying, frustrating, talking electronic miracles.   

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