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Friday, May 9, 2014

Save Money on Genealogy Subscriptions and Programs

Thanks to commentator Nancy Cunningham for the following comment
Because this actually references your blog I thought you’d be interested in this ..
It’s pretty self-explanatory but I think you could do a great blog post on these various special prices offered by genealogy companies and how genealogical consumers need to be aware and utilize special pricing. 
Do your readers know if they call every year to renew Ancestry using their AARP # then can save over $100 ? (30%) 
Do they know if you subscribe to Family Tree Magazine you can save $160 a year on My Heritage (50%) 
Do your readers know they can save $40 a year on Fold 3 if they are Ancestry member ? (50%) 
Many genealogist are on tight budgets these days or retired on fixed incomes and this knowledge might really help them. Just these savings amount to over $300 a year !!!
I put an Outlook reminder on my calendar 2 weeks before anything renews and I check with company for cost of renewal and ask about special pricing.  That did not work with MyHeritage when I asked for the same price I got through a link on your blog ( it came to my attention last year from Rootstech post) I was told no that special was no longer available and that they could offer $156 which was a big savings from $270 which I guess they were going to charge if I had just allowed my auto renewal to happen. 
No one said, “Hey in 2 weeks you can get it all for $119 if you have a magazine subscription!” 
Maybe you could ask your readers for their best costs saving subscription secrets they might know of many more ways to get these discounts and save big money!
Thanks again for all these suggestions. I might also add that sometimes the vendors have specials for conferences and other genealogically related events. Watch for specials in conjunction with holidays and other promotions. We bloggers can also sometimes offer discounts or special offers from developers and suppliers we can pass on to our readers.

When you go to buy a product online, it is always a good idea to do a little comparison shopping. But make sure you are comparing the exact same product. You may get an excellent price on an outdated program and have to pay more than the savings to upgrade the older version. We all like sales events and special pricing, so make sure you pass along any that apply to our genealogical community. 

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