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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Get Ready for Australia Day

File:Flag of Australia (converted).svg

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably are aware that two of my family lines come through Australia and I have hundreds (perhaps thousands) of relatives in Australia. In fact, I have been doing some research on my Australian cousins just recently. I am not much into holidays but I do remember the major ones such as Australia Day on January 26th.

Here are a few introductions to Australia Day activities. Unless you speak "Aussie" you might need subtitles.

Waiting to say "G'day" to all my Australian friends at RootsTech 2016. I asked my wife if I could wear an Australian T shirt to the Conference one day and that is still under discussion.


  1. Love those Australia Day ads with our "Lambassador". Sadly, won't be at Rootstech this year.

  2. James,

    I'll let you wear an Aussie T shirt. 7th generation Aussie who can speak Strine so need no interpretation.

  3. LynRag - will you be at Rootstech? Aussies and other members of the Commonwealth are planning to get together on Tuesday evening.
    Of course, I look forward to seeing you again too James.