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Friday, January 1, 2016

Why Genealogy's Star?

There is a decided tradition in newspaper reporting to name newspapers to include in the title the  words "Sun" or the "Star." I bought into this tradition when I named this blog "Genealogy's Star." I had been writing for a while when I figured out that the title was somewhat (excessively) presumptuous and self-promotional. Now that I have been going on and on with thousands of posts, the name has become a "brand" recognition issue. I am still more than slightly embarrassed by my choice of title, but short of starting all over again, I see no way to change it. I have included a page from the Tucson, Arizona paper as an example. 

During this coming year, I hope to keep writing as long as a few of you out there are willing to tolerate my writing. Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome and will often become the basis for future posts. Sometimes I feel like Tinkerbell in the classic Peter Pan where the audience needs to clap their hands to keep my light alive. I realize that genealogical topics have a very limited appeal, but since I am involved in genealogical pursuits more than full-time, that is what I write about. My diversion, of course, is From time to time I think about expanding my commentary, but time constraints always seem to squelch any such desires. 

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