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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Mixtiles and MyHeritage Photos Opening has recently entered into a partnership with, the photo wall-art company. You can order prints directly from Mixtiles from your photos on your family tree on the MyHeritage website. We decided to order seven copies of the same photo to send to our children. Ordering the photos was easy but choosing the photo to send was not so easy. Since I am a professional photographer and carry a camera almost everywhere I go, See, I have hundreds of thousands of photos. We finally decided on a photo and sent off the order. 

We received confirmation of the order almost immediately and were impressed with both the speed of the order and the customer service. A few days later, the order arrived on our doorstep. You can see the box above.

I had watched the Mixtiles videos so I knew what to expect but the packaging was perfect and here is what I saw when the box was opened. 

The box was just exactly what was needed to protect the photos. The photos came in two levels.

The reproduction of the photos was excellent. 

If you have the wall space, you can arrange photos in an infinite number of ways. The photo come mounted in different styles. We chose the borderless prints. 

Here is a screenshot of the Mixtiles website showing how the photos can be mounted.

I have over 10,000 family photos on so I have lot of possible prints to choose from. With the holiday season coming up, this is a perfect way to mix genealogy with gift giving. 

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