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Monday, July 4, 2022

The Sixth Rule of Genealogy -- A Short Video

Rule Number Six is “Records Move.”  Upon reflection, it is quite easy for even experienced genealogical researchers to find themselves in a situation where they ignore and are trapped by one of these basic rules of genealogy.  One common situation addressed by Rule Six while researching in the United States, involves the so-called "burned counties."

Rule six refers most directly to "paper" records. The actual, physical recording of events. The movement of the records commonly occurs when records are gathered to a "centralized" repository or when people immigrate from country to country or place to place. A good example of this rule is the entire United States Archives and Records Administration. This federal agency has vast warehouses of records parodied in the movie starring Harrison Ford called Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

See this link for a list of all of the Rules.


  1. Off topic - but you probably know the answer. I have an ancestor recorded in RLDS Early Reorganization Minutes Book C and Book E. I have not been able to find these on FS or MyHeritage or WorldCat. Can you suggest where I should look?

    1. Sorry about the slow response. Life is complicated. See

  2. Thank you, those will be helpful! I found my way to Rachel Killebrew through the librarians at the Church History Library. The items I was seeking are on microfilm. Rachel had scans to me almost instantly. That RLDS baptismal record didn't have parent or marriage information like the Nauvoo records, but every bit helps.