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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mesa hosts Legacy Family Tree

The Mesa Regional Family History Center hosted a special presentation by Geoff Rasmussen, the Developer of Legacy Family Tree. The almost two hour presentation included an in-depth demonstration of Legacy's partial implementation of a connection to New FamilySearch. Geoff indicated that full synchronization with New FamilySearch was imminent. Both RootsMagic and Ancestral Quest have already released versions of their programs that provide full two-way synchronization with New FamilySearch. Legacy is coming into the competition at the time that New FamilySearch has been fully released to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) but has yet to be released to the public at large.

From a marketing standpoint, it could be debated whether Legacy has lost any ground to the competing programs through its somewhat late introduction. On the other hand, the market for synchronization programs for New FamilySearch is not yet past its infancy and New FamilySearch is technically still in a Beta release version .990beta.

Over 100 people were given an almost two hour tour of the program and there were a lot of questions and comments from those in attendance. I was interested to learn that quite a few of the attendees already had the program. Many of the questions came from current users rather than from those investigating changing over from Personal Ancestral File.

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