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Monday, March 8, 2010

TV Show has huge impact on Google searches

No matter what you think about the recent TV show "Who Do You Think You Are?," one thing is very evident, Google searches on the term "genealogy" have spiked in the last couple of days. At the bottom of this Blog page there is an app that shows the number of Google searches for two terms, "genealogy" and "family history." Both terms show a decided upswing in the last few days. The increase in searching for "genealogy" is dramatic given the recent history.

A look at the trend for searches on "genealogy" during the past year shows a downward drift, but recently, the trend has recovered and is moving upward. Over the past six years or so, the trend has been moving decidedly down, but part of that downward trend most likely reflects the vast increase in overall Internet traffic and the ability to do more sophisticated searches. Think about it, how many times recently have you searched on the term "genealogy?"


  1. I found your post interesting, although I am not surprised. Just hope some of these google searchers are looking for my surnames. Thanks for the report.

  2. I just came across the show and watched a little of it. It seems a little sappy but I think it does a good job at showing the basics of how to do family history work.