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Monday, March 29, 2010

New FamilySearch password upgrade mandatory today

As of today, 29 March 2010, you must register for the new LDS Account to gain access to New FamilySearch. Quoting from the New FamilySearch startup page,
We are changing the sign-in system so that one user name and password works for participating FamilySearch Web sites. From now on, please use your LDS Account for If you don't have an LDS Account, enter your user name and password, and we'll help you upgrade.
I wrote about this change back earlier in the month. See post. Considering the time we have spent getting people connected to New FamilySearch and then getting those same people to remember a login and a password, I foresee a substantial amount of confusion during the next week or so. Here is the more expanded explanation of the change from the New FamilySearch Website.
LDS Account and User Profile
You now have one less user name and password to remember. Use your LDS Account to sign in to the new
FamilySearch Web site.
If you do not yet have an LDS Account, go to, and click the Register for the
New FamilySearch link.
Note: If you use the Church’s Stake and Ward Web site, you already have an LDS account. You might have
recently obtained one if you contribute content to the FamilySearch Research Wiki. Church employees and
missionaries with access to Church computer systems also have LDS Accounts.
The following changes occurred as a result of changing to the LDS Account:
• The screen where you edit your user profile has changed. At the top of the user profile screen, you can
click a button to change your first and last name, user name, password, and other information stored in
your LDS Account. At the bottom of the user profile screen, you can change your address and telephone
number and your helper access number.
• The names of some of the pieces of information in your profile have new names.
- The term “user name” replaces “sign-in name.”
- The term “display name” replaces “preferred name.” The system uses your display name on the Home
page, in the upper-left corner of the screen, on Family Ordinance Requests, and on your family
ordinance cards.
There are several other changes, none major, that I will review when I get more time.


  1. If it ain't broke - don't fix it. I have been indexing records for several years and now am stopping. I cannot sign in, I have had three long print outs of how to make it work. And nothing works. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. Me again. They must really be having problems as I just received a survey asking about the recent e-mails I have sent them. I again reminded them that "if it ain't broke.....I'm sure they do not want to lose indexers so we shall see what happens next.