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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fresh? Family Tree? Poindexter?

FamilySearch Labs has a link from "Fresh" to a page entitled "Poindexter" but the address is to Kinfolio. But today (6 July 2012) we have a new link to a page for Fresh called Family Tree. Very interesting. The first link on the page takes you to FamilySearch Fresh, a Facebook App. If you keep clicking you get to a screen that says that they are "Building a Book from your Facebook Account." Yes, you sit there and wait and it builds a book! OK, so what can they get out of my Facebook Account? It took a while but it was supposedly building my family tree. Well, my Facebook Family Tree is pretty sparse since I don't have a lot in Facebook. But, depending on what you have put into Facebook, you get a nice display of that info.

Some of the links are not yet functional but it will take some time to get going, I guess.

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