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Sunday, July 29, 2012

NGSQ features review of The Guide to FamilySearch Online

My book, The Guide to FamilySearch Online, was featured in a review in the current edition of the  National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Here is an excerpt of the review:
New and intermediate users will find this guide helps them "navigate through the huge and complex online world created by FamilySearch" (p. 3). Readers are walked through the entire website, link by link and page by page. Even experienced users of may learn something new.

The lengthy first section covers The second covers FamilySearch Indexing, largely of interest to volunteers in the FamilySearch Indexing program. The third addresses, where users preserve their family trees online and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members perform temple ordinances on behalf of the dead. The final section briefly covers other FamilySearch pages, including how to order microfilm online and on Facebook and Twitter.

The text is aimed at computer and Internet novices, explaining the origin of basic terms such as "blog" or the use of site logos to return to home pages. To be user-friendly, Tanner's book builds in the same kind of redundancy present on the site: at 361 pages, the text is sometimes repetitive. Advanced readers should be prepared to skim.

Most readers will use the book as a reference rather than as a program for learning The volume is a hefty investment but of value to readers seeking a guide to an unfamiliar website.

Mara Fein, Ph.D., CG
Los Angeles, California


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    1. Sure, you can contact me through Facebook or my Userpage on the FamilySearch Research Wiki.