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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Official Announcement from

Apparently, I managed to get partially on the emailing list for an announcement from I say partially, because they had my name correct but the name of the blog was not correct. This sort of thing always gives you pause, sort of like when we used to receive junk mail at our law office addressed to Mr. JacksonWhite, the name of the firm. In fact, my brother and I specifically used a tradename with our design business so that we could identify genuine junk mail.

But nevertheless, I feel like the announcement warrants repeating, so here it is (with some slight editing to the right blog):
Hi James,

I’ve got some news from findmypast US that might be of interest to your Olive Tree Genealogy (Genealogy's Star) followers –

Earlier today, we launched and a World Subscription that includes our International records from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Wales.  As a valued blogger, you are among the first to hear of this exciting launch.

To the general public, we are launching a significant introductory offer for the World Subscription.  Our introductory Pioneer Offer is just $4.95/mo. (normally $20.83/mo.) for a short time to a limited number of early subscribers. Attached is an official release announcing the Pioneer Offer.

We are continuously expanding our record collections. Soon, articles from the British Newspaper Archives will be added to the world subscription including English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh newspapers dating back to the 1700s. Other new US and overseas collections, some unique to, are being secured and will be announced as they go live online.

Enjoy playing around on the new site. Please call or email with any questions.
 OK, my last post on this event took the position that's entrance into the U.S. market puts them in direct competition with The wording of this announcement would seem to imply that I was correct.

By the way, is one of the "free" websites at the various FamilySearch Centers (formerly Family History Centers) around the world. I suppose it is a valid question as to whether or not the "new" content site will continue to be free at FamilySearch Centers?

Never a dull moment.

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  1. Signed up yesterday, and am getting a lot of "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." - maybe too many new members at once? I am getting the error message for UK searches at the moment, but the US seems OK?