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Friday, December 28, 2012

Update on Photos on FamilySearch

In previous posts, I've talked about's photos program which is presently in beta test. The concept of the program is the ability to add photographs to Family Tree. Here is the updated information:

FamilySearch Photos and Stories Update
Development continues on FamilySearch Photos and Stories. What's the latest?
  • New landing page-A new Photos landing page has launched that includes a few new interesting features. There is a gallery of recently uploaded photos as well as a dynamic counter at the bottom of the page that shows the number of photos uploaded to-date. You can click on photos in the gallery to visit photos and pages that other users have contributed (while staying logged in as yourself).
  • New tagging tool-We upgraded the tagging tool. You can now more easily move and resize tags using buttons that appear when you mouse over the name of the tagged individual in each photo.
  • Set portrait image -You can set the portrait image (circular icon used to identify the person in the person page and the people page) by hovering over a photo in the person's photo page and clicking on the small silhouette that appears at the bottom right of the photo icon. Clicking the silhouette will initiate a process that will change the current portrait image to the face that is tagged in the new portrait image that matches the name of the person selected.
  • Social Sharing-A social sharing footer has been added to allow for the sharing of photos, albums, and photo person pages using the most common and popular sharing methods, including: email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others.
We hope you'll try out these new tagging and social sharing features of FamilySearch Photos. They provide a great way to show your family and friends what this new tool is all about. As people become interested in joining in the fun, please to share the FamilySearch Photos invite link ( with them. 

We are adding more people to the system everyday, so why not have them be users who will be contributing photos and stories you are interested in?

As you use FamilySearch photos, remember to give us your feedback (using the Feedback button at the right of each page). Your input will help us refine the tools and prepare for our general release.

Thank you!
FamilySearch Photos Team

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