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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FamilySearch Mobile Apps Released for iOS

Two new official apps have been added to the Apple App Store today; FamilySearch Tree and FamilySearch Memories. Both programs have some of the basic features but in the online version, of course the two functions are integrated. Because I have a lot of photos in Family Tree Memories, it took a while to load. One advantage I could see immediately was the ability to take a photo with the iPhone camera and upload it directly to memories. But the Memories program seemed to be rather limited on first view. Of course, it is brand-new app so changes will undoubtedly come.

If you would like another opinion of the new programs, take a look at Randy Seaver's post entitled, "First Look at the FamilySearch Family Tree Mobile App."

Here are some screenshots with comments:

This is the sign in screen for the Tree app. You use your FamilySearch account login and password.

The app seems to come up in Photo view. I didn't see any other way to view the Family Tree.

The Settings menu was rather scanty and simple. I assume other preferences will be added in subsequent versions.

This is an example of a Details Page. It looks like other views are available through menu items. Probably a good choice of features.

You can switch to put the current person in the No. 1 position, but the app is limited to this particular view, as I mentioned above.

It took a couple of minute load all of my photos. You could add a  photo and otherwise the app was much more limited than the desktop program.

You can view a single file in the Photos Section, but nothing more.

I expect both programs will change over time. Right now they are interesting and the programs seem to be poised to supply more features.


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