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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Liberated from the thralls of obtuse text

Some of my readers may remember a plea I made a year or so ago about the fact that my Blogger program had been converted to Amharic text. Everything on the screen added by the program was in this incomprehensible text. I tried everything to resolve the problem. I talked to programmers and specialists around the world and had two of my sons-in-law who are network and computer program professionals work on the problem. None of this helped and I became resolved to using the program from memory with gibberish for text options.

This last week we had all of our children here in Utah for a family reunion. The first time in ten years or so since they have all been together at the same time. My youngest son, an astro-physicist working on his PhD was here for a visit. He saw me open my program and saw the strange script. He said, "Do you still have that problem?" I said, "Of course." He sat down at my computer and in less than a minute fixed the problem.

Now I could say something about how much smarter my children are than I am. But I think this one story illustrates the issue perfectly. Now I am back to being able to read the text in the Blogger program thanks to that vastly superior intelligence.


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    1. Well, he opened an incognito window in Google and then signed in under his own account, Then he opened a second window and used that to access my account. So it apparently caused Google to not see my account, so then he had the option to change the font. It sounds rather simple, but no one else saw that as an option immediately. I was amazed.