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Friday, July 18, 2014

See You at the IAJGS Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

The next IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in 2015 will be held in Jerusalem, Israel. But this year, you can attend the Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Courtesy of the Utah Genealogical Society and the extreme kindness of the Conference Registration, I will be attending nearly all of the Conference this year in Salt Lake City. I guess I will leave the Jerusalem Conference open right now, but you never know. Of course, I will be blogging away at the Conference and letting everyone know of any news and new developments. By the way, the Salt Lake Conference will have live streaming and On Demand Access.

The IAJGS is the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies. an independent non-profit umbrella organization coordinating the activities and annual conference of more than 70 national and local Jewish Genealogical Societies (JGS) around the world.

For a list of the presentations and other activities see the IAJGS Conference website. Why would I care to go? Easy. I have very strong evidence that one of my direct lines is Jewish.


  1. I have a Jewish line & I keep putting off researching it because I don't know where to begin.

    1. You begin the way you begin with any genealogical research. But there are some very important things to look for. You will find a lot of resources online. You may want to start with the FamilySearch Research Wiki article Jewish Genealogy Research See

    2. FYI: I will be doing a presentation/webinar hosted by the Mesa FamilySearch Library on 12 Nov 2014 @ 7 pm (AZ Time) called "The Jewish Connection: Mythology or Reality." My goal is to talk about evidence one may have Jewish relatives/ancestors and how to proceed. It will be available for viewing afterward as a webcast.

    3. I will put it on my calendar, but right now, that is the evening I serve at the BYU Family History Library. I will watch the webcast for sure.

  2. I will be attending and presenting (Tuesday, 10:30) at the IAJGS in Salt Lake City. We are having a bloggers dinner (location TBA) on Monday evening @ 6:30 PM. We'd be pleased if you would join us. You may contact me via the conference app, or email me at emilyhgarber(at)gmail(dot)com.