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Thursday, October 19, 2017

AccessGenealogy -- An aggregator portal and search website is an aggregator website that acts as a portal to a sizable collection of genealogy-related links. It is owned and operated by Dennis N. Partridge, a long-time genealogy website developer. He owns and operates quite a number of other websites. See
These types of websites help you to understand the variety of records available online. In this regard, this website operates as a catalog of other websites you might want to search. Having a central location for finding these other websites by topic or geographic area was more of an advantage in the early years of the internet when search engines such as Google did not dominate every aspect of searching on the internet. However, even with a search engine such as Google, you still have to know something about the subject you are searching to find anything helpful. This website and other similar websites help you to learn how to find additional information by making you aware of the huge number of options that are available and presenting an organized offering of websites.

Aggregator websites are not usually as useful and legitimate as Sometimes, they simply aggregate a limited list of other websites or copy information from other websites automatically for the purpose of getting hits on advertising. They are close cousins to the "vampire websites" that prey on people who mistype the address of a popular website. For example, don't try this" but if you type "" instead of, you will get a vampire website. is a useful and well-presented website. It should not be judged by its annoying online cousins.

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