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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New website for Chicago and Cook County Cemeteries

My friend, Barry A. Fleig, has developed an extremely interesting and valuable website featuring Chicago and Cook County Cemeteries. Here is a quote from his announcement of the website:
A bright new Chicago Cemetery Website
Chicago cemeteries offer a wealth of history and interesting stories. How about a liquor license issued to a cemetery or an actual elevator? 
In a new and exciting website, discover 806 Chicago area graveyards and Native American burial listings, In addition, read about funeral trains, undertakers, funeral customs, monuments, mausoleums and more. Ongoing posts contain interesting facts, oddities, and even a few ghost stories. If you enjoy learning more about Chicago cemeteries, searching for lost relatives, or just are curious about local history and burial customs, this website is a must. 
There is a list of 273 cemeteries and almost 300 additional Jewish cemeteries and gates within larger cemeteries. Add in over 250 carefully researched name cross references, more than any other site. The Chicago and Cook County Cemetery Guide, authored by noted cemetery historian Barry A. Fleig, is a result of research spanning many years. The website is online now and new posts are added regularly. 
Cemeteries are a reflection of life. They offer us a rich history of our ancestors as well as local history. Celebrate our Chicago cemeteries with this very helpful and free website.
 If you have ancestors from the Chicago area searching in this website would be very productive. In addition, Barry has made a considerable contribution to genealogy in the Chicago area. Here is a summary of his background.
A resident for over fifty years, Barry A. Fleig is a devoted and a recognized authority on Chicago area burying grounds with an emphasis on vanished cemeteries. He served on the Board of Management for the Chicago Genealogical Society, as their Cemetery Chairman. Mr. Fleig has aided in the identification and preservation of Russell Cemetery near Techny in Northfield Township. His most significant accomplishment was the rediscovery, identification and research of the forgotten Cook County Cemetery, the burial site of over 38,000 bodies on the 320 acre County Farm later known as the Chicago State hospital on Chicago's northwest side. Almost nine acres of cemetery have been preserved under the Human Grave Protection act. As a result of the rediscovery of Cook County Cemetery, Mr. Fleig has received extensive recognition on three major television networks, several radio stations, the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, a feature article in the Los Angeles Times and a major article in the Chicago Reader entitled "Grave Mistake”. Mr. Fleig has made many presentations before community groups, genealogical and historical societies, schools, and churches
Any of my readers who are participating in either or can use this information to locate and add the gravesites to these programs.

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